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Bespoke Liberty Print Shirts

Tailor’s Notes
London heritage store Liberty has a vast array of its signature floral prints for sale throughout the year, available to buy both in store and online. Liberty have over a century of hand drawn print floral archives, which are annually updated to reflect modern trends. Simply buy the fabric, send it to us with your measurements (or a copy shirt) and we will do the rest.

Once we have received the fabric and your instructions, the shirt will take four weeks to make. If the width of the fabric is 30″, we need four metres of fabric per shirt. If the width of the fabric is 60″, we will need two metres of fabric per shirt.

Extra Information
Every Liberty shirt is made to your exact specification and comes with removable brass collar bones, mother of pearl buttons and each one is finished with the finest single stitching. Depending on the style, our Liberty made shirts are £180 + VAT.

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