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Bespoke Dinner Shirts

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Bespoke Dinner Shirts

Tailor’s Notes
What are the rules?! Let’s ask GQ magazine: “It should always be a turn down collar – a wing collar is for white tie. The front part (the bib) should be pleated or Marcela (that textured fabric made up of little diamond shapes). With pleats, be careful to not veer down the Seventies ruffled look, but these days nice tight, neat pleats look great. It’s worn best with some simple elegant cufflinks – silver, black or white.”

The Construction
Over a dozen upper body measurements will be taken by our shirt makers so that your shirt is a perfect fit. It will match the precise contours of your shoulders, your preference for cuffs & collars as well as your habits of watch wearing. Our shirts take between four to five weeks to make.

Every Henry Herbert dinner shirt comes with removable brass collar bones, mother of pearl buttons and each one is finished with the finest single stitching. Our dinner shirts are from £180.

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