Our Savile Row Credentials

Savile Row is the golden mile of tailoring, with a long history stretching back over two centuries. It has some of the most famous tailors in the world located here. We were once new to Savile Row, just like everyone else is at some point in their lives and so we made a little video about Savile Row which you can view below:

Henry Herbert is based in Bloomsbury, not Savile Row – about one mile away. But just because we are not on Savile Row, does not mean we do not work to the same very high standards. In fact, we work in the same way, to the same high standard using the same cloth, making suits in exactly the same way with some of the worlds best tailors. And this is how we do it.

The Savile Row Bespoke Association has laid out the following criteria for being classed a Savile Row Tailor.
In the left-hand side column, you will find their criteria, and in the right-hand side column, how we, Henry Herbert Tailors, meet that criteria.

Produce all bespoke garments within a 100 yard radius of Savile Row We are clearly based in Bloomsbury, one mile away.
Produce all bespoke garments from an individually cut paper pattern that has been made by a Master Cutter We have two Master Cutters
Ensure that production of all bespoke garments is supervised by a Master Tailor We have two Master Tailors, often supervising each other!
Employ at least one salaried apprentice cutter or tailor at any given time We have not one, but three salaried Apprentices
Typically create a two-piece suit with at least 50 hours of hand work We in fact take longer, taking some 60-80 hours, depending on the customer
Ensure an expert cloth consultant is present on the premises We have two qualified expert cloth consultants, fully endorsed and certified.
Offer the customer a choice of a least 2,000 fabrics We have books from every single British, Irish and Italian mill – well in excess of 10,000 fabrics
Retain full customer records and order details We have a fully salaried Administrator who keeps meticulous paper records of every pattern, adjustment and customer request
Provide first-class after care for garments, including sponging, pressing, repairs and button matching We firmly believe you will find no better service for bespoke suits, anywhere in the world


By Appointment Only

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6pm

Henry Herbert Tailors, 8 Lamb’s Conduit Passage, London, WC1R 4RG

020 7837 1452


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