A Guide for Men buying a Bespoke Suit on Savile Row

  1. Make sure the best materials & trimmings are offered to you: always
    use pure wools and ask where the fabrics have come from.
  2. Make sure a pattern is made just for you….and kept safely by your
    tailor for the future.
  3. Always have a ‘baste’ fitting – an unglamourous affair but very
    important for you and the tailor.
  4. Ensure the suit is made with a canvas – you will be able to see it
    on the ‘baste’ fitting.
  5. After the baste fitting, the baste is taken apart, the pattern is
    remarked and the garment is remade.
  6. You are invited back for a second fitting.
  7. The service should be as bespoke as the suit: the tailor is to help
    you from start to finish, every step of the way.