House Style


Our distinguishing house style features are:

English cut: every suit cut and made in England, creating a tall and slim silhouette.

Strong, naturally rolled lapel, achieved through hand stitching.

Natural roped shoulder, proportionate to each customer.

Slim tailored trousers – with a ‘cavalry cut’ a slight slope from the front of the trousers to the heel of the trousers.

Robust, but lightweight jacket, achieved by using a natural canvass and a quality cloth.

And our favourite styling combination: a broken suit, where the jacket fabric is contrasted from that of the trousers. But as we say to every customer, “there are no rules, just preferences” and we are here to help you through all of those decisions.

To find out more, just ask.

And our ‘house service’? Well our Savile Row by Scooter service of course!