HH Service

Just who is Henry Herbert?
Henry Herbert is a scootering tailor service. We are bespoke outfitters making shirts, suits, wasitcoats and overcoats and it was created by me, Charlie Baker-Collingwood (see more in the About section). But just who is Henry Herbert? Henry Herbert was once master of the royal wardrobe to both King Charles I and King Charles II and the name was resurrected in order to continue the tradition of fine English tailoring.

A scootering tailor service?
Yes, that’s right. We make bespoke shirts, suits, waistcoats and overcoats and use our fleet of Piaggio scooters to meet you, wherever and whenever is good for you. We bring our measuring tapes and fabrics with us. If you are outside of London, we come by plane, train or automobile. If the scooters can get us there, there is no charge whatsoever. If you wish us to visit you outside of London, we simply ask that you pay for the cheapest possible return fare (normally a train ticket).

Can I visit you?
Yes, of course. You can either ask us to come and visit you, or you can come and meet us, by appointment, at our workshop on Lamb’s Conduit Passage. To book a tailor, simply click here.

Do you make outfits for ladies?
We are sorry – but this is not a service we offer. 

Where do the fabrics come from?
We buy from only English or Scottish mills (and English, Italian or Egyptian cotton in our shirts). However, we can source other fabrics by request or we can make garments from any fabric that you may wish to supply too.

How do I order from Henry Herbert?
Henry Hebert is a visiting tailor service and we visit you wherever and whenever is good for you. If you prefer to meet in London, we can meet on Savile Row by appointment. To with meet us, or have us come to meet you, simply Book a Tailor.
We are always happy to meet you outside of London too and we make frequent trips overseas.

How do I pay?
There is no charge whatsoever for one of our tailors to visit you. You can pay by any credit or debit card (except American Express), by cheque, bank transfer or cash. Our tailors carry portable credit card machines with them, if you wish to pay by credit or debit card.

What can I expect from my visiting tailor?
You can expect a very professional service, by an experienced tailor. As a scootering tailor service, all of our tailors are fully qualified motorcycle drivers too. When with you, you can expect your tailor to advise you about the different cloths available and he will always be comforting, rather than condescending, with you. And remember it is your suit, so there are no wrong answers – merely preferences!

What is the difference between off the peg, made to measure and bespoke and what is Henry Herbert?
Off the peg are suits and shirts that can be bought off the rack in most high streets and have been made to a standard pattern – not yours. Made to measure suits are suits which have also been made from a standard pattern and which are then adjusted to fit around your body. Bespoke suits are made to your unique pattern. Each kind of suit has been designed to appeal to different audiences with different budgets. Henry Herbert is a bespoke English tailoring firm and seeks to offer bespoke suits, at made to measure prices, by keeping our overheads low.

How long does it take to make?
You can expect your shirts to be made within 4 weeks and your suit (or overcoat) within 8-10 weeks, with a number of fittings during the course of the period. We can speed this up, however, if you have an emergency, with the Henry Herbert Express Service!

How long will my shirt, suit or overcoat last?
That depends on how you look after them (see below) and how often you use them!

How do I look after my shirts and suits?
Shirts must be washed after every use, allowed to drip dry and ironed when damp to get the crispest finish. Suits should be hung and buttoned at the end of each day, pressed once a month and dry cleaned no more than twice a year. A moth net can help too. Overcoats should be hung every day too and pressed and dry cleaned less frequently.

If you have any more questions, which are not answered here, e-mail us at cc@henryherbert.com and we will add them.