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Bespoke Morning Suit

Tailor’s Notes

If there is one thing that the British male of a certain class does well it is a posh wedding. The uniform is quite simple – black or grey jacket with tails that finish just before the knees, twinned with grey and black striped trousers (or “spongebags” as old Etonians such as Princes William and Harry and Bertie Wooster would call them). The waistcoat is traditionally buff or dove grey, though sky blue and butter yellow are also popular. Double-breasted waistcoats can have a lapel, either shawl or peak, and are worn fully buttoned unlike their single-breasted cousins when the bottom button is traditionally left undone. The shirt should be white – or a very light colour. The collar should, of course, be long enough to tuck under the jacket and the cuffs should be double. The tie should ideally be grey and the knot four-in-hand.

The Construction
Made with a canvass, our morning suits are made and cut in England. As with all photographs on our website, thery are actual customers in actual Henry Herbert morning suits. As with every suit we make, they take 8-9 weeks to make – we have a half way baste fitting and then a forward baste fitting before the suit is finished and delivered.

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