What makes Savile Row so special?

Henry Herbert Tailors interviewed by The Toronto Standard

What makes Savile Row so special?

Savile Row is a short stretch of road, only a mile long, but that mile contains the most skilled trouser makers, suit makers, cutters, seamstresses and tailors from around the world. It is quite simply the home of bespoke tailoring. It is the standard that all other tailors around the world work to. As a result, it attracts people from all over the world to create a world-class environment. However, it is a place that is constantly changing too, with a mix of traditional firms and younger firms such as Henry Herbert. As much as we can learn from the old masters, hopefully they might be able to take some food for thought from our novel and innovative ways of delivering customer excellence today.

Tell us a bit about the unique Savile Row service you/Henry Herbert provides:

Savile Row in London is the golden mile of bespoke tailoring.  Henry Herbert himself used to be shirt maker to King Charles I in 1630 and today, in 2013, the firm Henry Herbert Tailors is a London tailor, making bespoke suits and bespoke shirts. We wanted to offer a competitive edge and bring the traditions of Savile Row tailoring into the 21st century. And so the ‘Savile Row by Scooter‘ service was born: located in the heart of Savile Row, but meeting customers around the clock with our fleet of custom-built Vespa scooters. Our trained tailors, who are also qualified motorcyclists, work around the clock to meet customers wherever they may be to make perfectly fitting suits and shirts.


An extract from an interview with Charlie from Henry Herbert Tailors, by Voula Monoholias.  See the full interview at the Toronto Standard.



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