Great British Bespoke


What We Do

Henry Herbert Tailors handcraft the finest bespoke suits, shirts and other garments. True to the highest standards of traditional Savile Row tailoring we use only the best fabrics we can source from mills in England and Scotland.

At Henry Herbert every handmade suit or shirt is unique to its owner, but we think there is one constant: a timeless and elegant bespoke suit will never let its gentleman wearer down, no matter what the setting. Our bespoke suits are a true investment – working hard every day, but always able to rise to any occasion.

Every commission begins with a personal consultation with one of our tailors, who will help you select the style, cut and fabric most suitable for your needs, explain the tailoring process, and listen to any special requirements you may have. This consultation can take place at either of our central London studios, or at any location of your choice with our renowned, Savile Row by Scooter service.

We believe a bespoke suit is special. We make sure our customers are involved in every part of the process, while offering the convenient and discreet service Henry Herbert has become renowned for.

It is truly a pleasure to bring you our passion:

Great British Bespoke