London Hotels Series: Threadneedles Hotel

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Here on the Henry Herbert Style Blog, we’ve written about hotel bars as recommended to us by friends and customers who have been kind enough to share their experience.  We felt it was a shame to limit our explorations to just the bar, when often the stylish establishment within which the bar was housed, typically had much more to offer than an excellent cocktail.

As such, this is the first in a series of our explorations of London hotels, London being the home base of Henry Herbert tailors and the Savile Row by Scooter service.  We’ll be asking all of our friends and customers, especially those passing through from other parts of the world to share with us their best, most memorable, or most unique hotel experiences and recommendations from the capital – and for those who are visiting Henry Herbert’s London headquarters, or  passing through the city, may this be a friendly guide for some of the capital’s most remarkable hotels.

The Threadneedles Hotel is one such that caught our eye for several reasons.  The location, in London’s Square Mile, is today a modern hotel but has a strong heritage – having revived a space that was formerly the head offices of the London, City and Midland bank from the 1880s, neighbouring the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange.

The revival of a historical name or location, as well as the blend of the traditional and contemporary sat well with us and reminded us a little of the history behind Henry Herbert tailors – resurrecting the name of the gentleman one master of the royal wardrobe to King Charles I and II, and intended to continue the tradition of fine English tailoring with a modern twist in the form of the Savile Row by Scooter service.  In fact, guests at Threadneedles Hotel can experience this service for themselves, by making an appointment with a Henry Herbert tailor to be measured up for bespoke suits and shirts made from the finest English and Scottish fabrics.  Our tailors will visit you at the hotel, bringing all required tools of the trade, and help guests navigate the 2,000+ fabric choices available.

We were also taken, we have to admit, by the tailoring reference in the hotel’s name, suggesting that the street after which the hotel is named, was the home of a needle work shop, or perhaps inspired by the Merchant Tailors’ coat of arms at the Guildhall which incorporates three needles.

With an afternoon tea inspired by great Britons, two of whom have featured on the Henry Herbert style blog – Winston Churchill and John Lennon –  we thought the Threadneedles was a fitting first addition to our series of London hotel profiles.


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