New year, new you…?

It is week 2 of the new year.  You came back recharged and revitalised, but have been back at work for a week and a half, and you’ve already a) lost your holiday vibe, and b) lost track of those new year resolutions.  Post the holidays, and suffering from what we at Henry Herbert term as the “Festive Food Coma”, it is natural for us to make fitness/detox related New Year’s resolutions – in an attempt to shift the little bit of, shall we say “excess baggage” that may have accumulated over the holidays.  Luckily for us at HH headquarters, mince pies only come about once a year.

If you do fall into this category, here are a few fun gadgets, tips and tricks that we will be trying to help keep us on track.

1) Spook up your run – Zombies, Run App!

Running can be boring, and laborious.  When faced with a choice of warm pub or cold outdoor run, we know which we’d pick.  We were brainstorming ways to spice up our running resolutions, and stumbled upon the Zombies, Run app.  You plug in your headphones and listen to music, and your mission, have to outrun zombies and pick up supplies as you dash to a safe haven.  We find the concept that a horde of zombies   is chasing after us motivation enough.  Don’t quite know what we mean? Watch Zombieland to get in the groove.  You’ll be setting new speed records in no time.

Zombies, Run!

2) New year, new kicks

If, like us, you haven’t been on run for a while, your footwear is likely in need of an update.  Upon inspection, ours (dragged out from the depths of some store cupboard) were frayed, sole treads bare and had all the cushioning of a deflated ballon.  Stores like Runner’s Need will conduct sophisticate posture and gait analysis, and recommend a specialist running shoe to suit.  But if like us, you’re not quite ready to invest just yet, then we think a pair of Nike/Asics/Brooks will get us going just fine.


3) Get a gadget

We all like to see how far we’ve come.  One of the best ways of tracking progress, is a simple app or three downloaded to our smartphones.  We here Nike has a decent GPS running app.  Garmin (of the navigation device fame) has one of the top GPS watches, which our runner friends swear by.  Fitbit and Jawbone both have stylish and understated activity tracker wristbands which can be programmed to remind you to get moving if you’re sat behind your desk for too long.  As an added bonus some of these can also monitor your heart rate.  We don’t need any more reasons to indulge in a new gadget.

Garmin GPS

4) Don’t forget the rest of the gear

As much as we would like to conduct every activity in a bespoke suit, we think there is a place for good old shorts and a t-shirt – likely better suited for a sweaty run.    We hear Nike make some of the most flourescent tops (best for roadside running on dark winter evenings), and that Lululemon tops and shorts cannot be beaten for comfort.

5) Buddy up

The good news is, you’re not the only one making new years resolutions.  A quick poll of customers, friends and colleagues found that many similar intentions.  We are planning on turning our running/tennis/squash sessions into a social catch up, not to mention having someone to compete against can come in handy.

If all else fails…and you need results in a hurry…

Try the Henry Herbert alterations service.  Most Henry Herbert bespoke suits can be let out by several inches – or taken in, if your New Year resolutions have been particularly effective.  Contact us for an appointment – visit us at one of our Savile Row or Gray’s Inn Road locations, alternatively we can come to you with our Savile Row by Scooter service.


Henry Herbert Alterations Service

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