New York Bespoke Tailor: New York, New Suits!

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New York, British bespoke tailors are coming your way.  The Henry Herbert tailoring team is visiting you!  From October 10th – 13th 2013, we will be based at our “workshop/fitting rooms” away from home, at the King and Grove, 29, E 29th St, New York, NY 10016, United States.  For these dates, we are swapping our Vespas for the iconic New York cabs (or our trusty feet).

For new suits and old friends, or old suits and new friends / fittings! If you would like to meet our tailors to hear more about how we work and what we do (naturally there is no charge for this!) or to have a coffee, to say hello. To brainstorm bespoke menswear ideas, to feel some fine fabrics, to have a discussion about British tailoring and Savile Row.  No query is too big or too small.  Book an appointment with us in New York.

How does it work?

We meet, we greet.  We bring with us a trunk full of suiting fabrics – British wools of the finest kind, and patterns of all sorts (checks, dogtooth, stripes, windowpane, tweed to name a few).  Our experienced tailoring team is here to advise you on making a suitable (pun not intended!) choice for your bespoke suits (or overcoats, waistcoats, sports jackets, dinner suits) and shirts.  We return to London with your bespoke order details and most importantly, your measurements.  We order your selected fabric and cut the cloth into your specific pattern.  We make the foundations of the suit, ready for a baste fitting.  Then normally 8 weeks later (depending on availability) we return to NYC for your first fitting, a key part of the process.  We come back to our London base, to make any major fit adjustments, rework the suit as needed, and a further  8 weeks later return to NYC for your final fitting. All made with British cloth, and handcrafted in England.

Introducing your Henry Herbert tailor in New York, William Field


Q: What is your favourite suit style?
A: My favourite style leans towards tailored, slim-fitting suits that at the same time respect the tradition of elegance in British suit making.

Q: What is your favourite accessory?
A: At the moment a nice bold boutonniere as it can add so much to a solid coloured suit, without a particularly striking pattern.

Q: What bespoke trends are you seeing customers ask for this Fall/Winter 2013?
A: We are noticing more ‘broken suits’ made popular by the modern Italians and the original British dandies.  People are increasingly mixing and matching jackets and trousers which is always fun especially if the textures and colours are interesting.  Despite what you might expect, they can go together quite well!  It is not as hard a look to pull off as you might have thought, and it gives you even more options to draw from your bespoke suit wardrobe.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: Hmmmm a tough one! A modern British gent, currently enjoying double breasted suits, who has always been inspired by an array of snappy dressers like the helplessly cool Marcello Mastroianni, or the effortlessly regal Miles Davis or the care free Mick Jagger!

Questions, concerns, comments? Drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!


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