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Bespoke Suits from Henry Herbert

Whether you’re starting a brand new role or headed to the boardroom, never underestimate the power of a perfectly-proportioned suit. However, while you can get some great tailoring outside of the UK, unless you’re built to model-sized specifications, chances are that unless you meet your cutter in his workshop, the suit will always be a little off (trousers pooling down below, button pulling over your mid-section, sleeves slightly too long – sound familiar?). That’s why it’s time to get into Made in England bespoke suits.

Here’s something to remember: people (even those within the fashion industry) frequently use the terms made-to-measure and bespoke interchangeably, but they’re actually different types of services (and this is often reflected in the cost, with bespoke suits carrying a higher price tag than their made-to-measure/order counterparts). As a general rule, bespoke means that the suit has been cut specifically for you using a one-of-a-kind pattern taken from your measurements. And that is all Henry Herbert does: make bespoke suits and bespoke shirts.

We can even travel to you by scooter! Contact us for appointments or more information.