The Nehru Suit

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A Bespoke Nehru Jacket

Tailor’s Notes
The Nehru suit is never out of style. It’s a sleek, modern look that seems appropriate in today’s tieless world. Since this jacket shows virtually nothing else, it’s important that it be well tailored and fit impeccably. You could wear a banded collar, but the classic accompaniment to a Nehru suit is a turtleneck. No tie is necessary. Forget the bolo. Save it for your Nudie suit.

The Construction
Made from a heavy ‘boiled’ wool, the jacket was made and cut in England. As much of the jacket as possible is hand tailored. As with every jacket we make, unless you choose our Express service, the jacket will take 8-9 weeks to make – we have a half way baste fitting and then a forward baste fitting before the jacket is finished and delivered.

The cloth was from an English mill near Bradford and the jacket was made with rolled cuffs.

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