Top 5 Bespoke Suit Emergency Halloween Costumes

Stuck for a Halloween costume for tonight?   Henry Herbert shares our top 5 “Emergency Halloween” costumes based around adapting what you are currently wearing – your bespoke suit or shirt.  Just add a liberal dose of fake blood for a ghoulish effect! (And don’t worry, we also tell you how to get it off after in this video.)

1)  Gordon Gekko.  Take one blue shirt with white collar and cuffs.  Roll sleeves back to the elbow, add braces, slicked back hair, a cigar and a sprinkling of insider trading quotes and say “Greed is Good” a lot.


2) Men in Black, Agent J, K.  Take one black suit.  Add a black tie, and sunglasses.  Easy!  Neuralizer optional.


3) Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.  Running with the blue shirt/white collar contrast theme, add a red tie, and a rain jacket/poncho from your local supermarket, and an axe from a toy store (preferably) or tool shop (please be careful!).  Spray fake blood.

patrick-bateman halloween

4) Jay Gatsby, from The Great Gatsby.  Why, just don your dinner suit, old sport.  Add martini glass and some smugly raised eyebrows.


5)  Joel Goodson/Tom Cruise from Risky Business.  Last but not least, one for the brave, or those who don’t get chilly easily.  Remove most of your suit and tie, leaving only a shirt and white socks.  Grab any microphone-like prop.  Mime.  Indulge in some dance moves.


And there you have it.  5 easy emergency Halloween costumes, using your bespoke suits and shirts!  Happy Halloween from all of us at Henry Herbert.

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