A gentleman’s luxury: SÖKTAS Cotton Bespoke Shirts

We were very excited to receive a large, and rather heavy box of fabrics intended for bespoke shirts, delivered to the Henry Herbert HQ recently.

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We thought we would share with you the discovery of its contents – the finest bespoke shirting fabrics by SÖKTAS. Founded in 1971 and listed on the Turkish Stock Exchange in 1995, SÖKTAS is a specialist designer and producer of cotton and cotton blended fabrics whose worldwide reputation was built on shirting fabrics.

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Without further ado, we would like to introduce the Soktas collection: Bespoke Selection.  Specially designed and intended for use in creating bespoke shirts, these are high-end fabrics made from the finest Egyptian Giza cotton, with only the purest and longest fibres selected to be spun into extra-fine yarns.  Each beautifully bound book contains “pages” of shirting fabric samples, organised by theme and named after the kind of occasion, or message, that a gentleman may choose to convey in his dressing. This collection offers hundreds of colours and designs (stripes, checks) to suit any situation or fancy.

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The Soktas fabrics are renowned for their quality and luxurious finish. The use of the finest natural cotton in a bespoke shirt, makes for a tailored piece that is breathable and pleasant to wear on the skin (as opposed to itchy and irritating, which some might find the case with synthetic fabrics). If you are considering a set of bespoke shirts, don’t hesitate to ask your Henry Herbert Tailor about the SÖKTAS fabrics.

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