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Don’t Give Me Any Old Flannel!

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Rugged Sophistication – The Flannel Suit

Tailor’s Notes
A wool suit can feel like tissue paper during the Winter. However, if you wear a flannel suit, the cold will be unable to penetrate through its warm fibres. Sometimes, all you need is a flannel suit so that you just throw on a scarf and you are ready to go. Ruggedness and durability are the main attributes of a flannel suit, whilst every aspect is exaggerated, right down to the stitching, giving it a superior feel and look. It’s not your regular business suit, but it has the edge in style and sophistication. 

The Construction
The flannel suit is made from English spun yarn and is finally cut in England.  This hand-tailored suit takes 8-9 weeks to make whilst our Express Service can be accomplished within a tighter time frame. The process involves a halfway baste fitting and is followed by a subsequent forward baste fitting and, as a result the finished ensemble is delivered to our Clients in line with all of their requisites.

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