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The Double-Breasted Suit

Images & Video

A British Cut

Tailor’s Notes
The V-shaped man in the double-breasted suit is making a comeback. This classic grey double-breasted suit is adding stylish swagger to city streets and cool tailoring to corporate offices. The double-breasted silhouettes, swooping lapels, broadened shoulders, and extra chest are making a resurgence.

The Construction
This suit was made and cut in England, and as much of it as possible was hand-tailored. The jacket is canvassed. A suit such as this takes 8-9 weeks to make, unless you opt for our Express Service. We have a halfway baste fitting and then a forward baste fitting before the suit is finished and delivered.

The cloth is an English-made wool. The jacket has working cuffs and the buttons are made out of horn.

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The DB is Back.

Fabric: Fine pure wool.  Fabric source: England. Cut: Double breasted. Price: Contact Henry Herbert Towers.

Well, that’s a first for HH!

Well, that’s a first for a Henry Herbert suit. A request for epaulettes on a customer’s suit – probably last seen in the 1970’s. They are fastened to the shoulder by a strap or “passant“, a small strap parallel to the shoulder seam and the button near the collar. This particular customer may prove to be a trend forecaster…who would have thought double breasted suits would make a comeback afterall?

Video: Bespoke Double Breasted Suit

The V-shaped, double breasted, silhouette suit has made a resurgence. The finely cut peak lapels and wrap over jacket, finished with sharp looking trousers, is making a comeback on to city streets. This is a short video of a bespoke double-breasted suit made by Henry Herbert Tailors.

A look into the world of Yves Saint Laurent

I was recently treated to a wonderful insight into the world of Yves Saint Laurent – a master and genius of haute couture tailoring. He worked from the top floor of the YSL house in Paris where he directed his army of tailoring ladies. This short clip reveals a fascinating insight into how he worked. Belowthe video is a photograph of one of his creations for a ladies double breasted suit.