The Morning Blues

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Bespoke Morning Suit

Tailor’s Notes

Lost in their own thoughts, this handsome couple exude style and poise. The distinguished groom has co-ordinated the subtle bursts of blue with the formal morning coat and distinctly debonair pinstripe trousers to give an all round look of perfect pastels and traditional tailoring. The waistcoat, left slightly unbuttoned at the bottom, again relates to the true story of a rounded regal representative who found it difficult to bend down, unless he left at least one button undone on his waistcoat – not that this dashing groom has such a problem. There are times when it is bliss to be blue.

The Construction
Made with a canvass, the suit is made and cut in England. As much of the suit as possible is hand tailored. As with every suit we make, unless you choose our Express service, the suit will take 8-9 weeks to make – we have a half way baste fitting and then a forward baste fitting before the suit is finished and delivered.

This cloth was from Holland & Sherry and the lining from Dugdales in Huddersfield. The cloth is 100% wool with working buttons and silk lapels.

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