Woolen or Worsted: That is the Question!

There is always a question about what is the best fabric to choose for a suit. The first thing you should check for is the purity of the fabric: make sure there are no nasty man man fibres in there such as polyester. But which wool should you choose: woolen or worsted? As a rough rule of thumb, woolens can be softer and worsted sharper. The below offers a more technical glimpse into the world of woollens and worsted fabric which is hopefully useful when making the dive into bespoke suit making!

Woolens are spun from short fibres
Wortsed is spun from long fibres

Woolens are spun from coarse fibres
Wortsed is spun from fine fibres

Woolen fibres are washed and carded
Wortsed fibres are washed and combed

Woolens have a medium twists
Wortsed have a high twist

Woolens are bulky
Wortsed is smooth

Woolens tends to be heavier weight
Wortsed tends to be lighter weight