Wow – what a suit!

Special Bespoke SuitBespoek Suit with Bespoke Trim

An extremely rare breed of suit – brown. It is made even more rare by the special velvet trim collar and made even more special by the very difficult sewing surround of the last cuff button! (The colour matches the lining). This was an incredibly difficult three-piece suit, which took Henry Herbert 37.5 hours of tailoring to complete, but well worth the toil. The fabric is a splendid Super 100’s wool from Holland & Sherry.

One thought on “Wow – what a suit!

  1. TheLuxPod

    Wonderful attention to detail and I like the quirky detail, with the last button hole a different color. I love the electric blue suit. A lucky man is going to feel like he has won the jackpot wearing it. Just like my fortunate friend who is getting one of your suits soon. Best, Judith

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