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Bespoke tie

Bespoke tie by R. Paudice

The necktie is an avenue for expression in a gentleman’s formal attire. The tie is widely accepted and often required in many social situations, and will likely (consciously or unconsciously) reflect the personality of it’s wearer. We think a bespoke tie perfectly complements a bespoke suit – both are as unique as their owner.

Henry Herbert interviewed Renato Paudice, who tells us how he came to create his eponymous bespoke tie making company.

Paudice, based in Napoli, is specifically focused on the creation of bespoke ties for customers around the world. Customers look all over the world for bespoke ties, says Paudice, and in Italy today bespoke is important because customers no longer want ready made collections.

The relationship between a bespoke tie and customer is key – in particular, a bespoke tie is cut differently depending on how the customer prefers to knot his tie. A Windsor or Double Windsor preference, makes a difference to the length of the tie.  With a bespoke tie, a gentleman will never struggle to ensure his tie sits just right.

The process of making a bespoke necktie is not so different from that of a bespoke suit: customers send through orders specifying length and size, and select fabrics. Ties are hand-stitched and handmade, and despatched off to their new owners.

The best fabrics for the making of bespoke ties, notes Paudice, are wool, silk, cashmere/silk mix and Holland & Sherry have an interesting jacquard mix. Paudice is also keen to promote fabrics made in Italy in keeping with his Italian traditions and heritage.

Paudice’s house style is flamboyant – he likens it to being closer to American style ties: more colour and bold prints. Paudice ties make a statement.

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