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The Brown Suit

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You Can Bet on Brown

Tailor’s Notes
It used to be a fashion commandment: “No brown in town.” Thus, businessmen would robotically wear grey or navy every day. Well, that rule, like a lot of rules, has been parcelled up and tossed out the office window. And today, a suit in tobacco, copper, or coffee has gone from ‘kind of stuffy’ to ‘sharp and modern’.

The Construction
This suit was made and cut in England, and as much of it as possible was hand-tailored. The jacket is canvassed. A suit such as this takes 8-9 weeks to make, unless you opt for our Express Service. We have a halfway baste fitting and then a forward baste fitting before the suit is finished and delivered.

The cloth is an English-made wool. The jacket has working cuffs and the buttons are made out of horn.

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