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Tailored Suits London

The three step process to tailored suits in London…..you can even come and cut your own cloth!

1. Telephone us! Simply telephone us, or email, to discuss what you are looking for.

2. We make…. you your tailored suit. The process takes eight to nine weeks with a number of fittings along the way.

3. Enjoy your tailored suit! You can make appointment, day or night.

*This particular customer was treated to the suit by his wife. As a treat, we invited him to come and cut the cloth with us. The video above is him cutting the cloth and the below is the end result…not bad for a first time cutter (with our help!). The cloth is woven in England and is from Holland & Sherry.

Tailored Suits London


A special Henry Herbert shirt

Special Bespoke Shirt Collar Trim

A special shirt we have made for the Managing Director of a large media firm. The fabric is from Acorn, in Lancashire, and is made of an excellent English cotton. The shirt is made even more unusual by the special collar trim and button sewing surround. Every part of this shirt was handmade, in London. Come and visit us (or we can visit you) to find out more about the different processes involved in making your handmade, bespoke shirt.